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Vacherin clients expect food at work to be wonderful. The coffee is always great. The simplest snack is always perfectly composed. Fine dining thrills the eye as much as the palate.

This is food to revitalise body and soul. It is created with imagination and served with care.

We are passionate about food and have an intelligent understanding of the essential characteristics of ingredients, their combination and service. We recognise the impact of stunning flavours and textures and the deep comfort of familiar favourites. We believe that great taste - both on the plate and in the eating environment - speaks volumes.

There is nothing we like more than setting taste buds tingling and getting our clients and customers as excited as we are about ingredients and flavours.

Vacherin thrives on working with, for and alongside people who share a love for great food. Our annual 'Hot Nosh' competition drives our chefs to push the boundaries and has led them to win awards at national level.