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Hot Nosh – the Hottest Year Yet

Our annual culinary competition goes from strength to strength as we grow in size. In this year’s format 6 teams were created, with chefs and managers from smaller operations being combined with our 6 largest kitchen teams so that expertise & creativity was shared equally across the groups. The starter event Morning Glory tested omelette-making skills, as well as a fine dining breakfast dish and a staff dining offer of a combination breakfast snack.

Main course day – “Envoyez!” had the teams battling with a blind box of ingredients to produce a healthy vegetarian meal; producing a classic Escoffier dish and showing their pastry skills with a classic raised cold pie.

The final hurdle, “Oh that’s lush!” was all about creativity for the sweet tooth with a selection of petits fours and an afternoon tea cake, with some incredible edibles being produced by every team. Special mention goes to the Disney team who dressed up in full Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts costumes to accompany their Alice in Wonderland-themed entry.

The prestigious overall “Vacherin Prix d’Or” was won by our Eastenders from JLT, Field Fisher Waterhouse and the Whitechapel Gallery who win dinner at the restaurant of their choice.
Posted By: System Administrator - 28-10-2010