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Its a wrap on BTTF!

Zoe Moulson was the final member of the Vacherin senior team to complete her 'Back to the Floor' last week. This summer has seen all Vacherin Directors go back to where it all began; in a unit in London! They put on their whites and were all based for a week in one of the Vacherin kitchens - at the heart of all the foodie action! We saw blood, sweat and tears (not really the latter) but they did all learn so much about how great Vacherin is, derived as we always say from great people, and as in life how we could improve to be even better! The overall feedback was a big recommendation for all directors of all companies that really want to know 'how it is' to do this with their business! :)
Posted By: Keeley Haworth - 11-09-2012