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Vacherin shortlisted - Food Made Good

Vacherin have been shortlisted for the Best Food Waste Strategy Winner of 2016 by Food Made Good.

We're shortlisted alongside Pizza Express, and FoodInResidence.

You can read more about the shortlisting, and other awards involved, in The Independent:

"Food Made Good is here to let you indulge in your passion for dining out without having to check your principles in at the cloakroom. We assess restaurants, cafés and caterers for their sourcing, impact on society and environment and let you know how they are doing with our simple star rating. Think of them as the Michelin stars of sustainability, rewarding excellence for people and planet. We want to turn your passion for food into action, so join our campaigns, check out the events and offers pages and next time you are choosing a place to eat out, look out for our Stars in windows, on menus and websites, or check out our Diners’ Guide for Good places to eat out. Let’s Make Food Good."



Posted By: Lauren Avery - 14-03-2016


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