A team built on collaboration, positivity and excellence; a team to be proud of

our people

Vacherin is a different kind of workplace. We recruit individuals who are both interesting and interested; we encourage them to have a voice, and to become involved in the company outside of their main role; and we want them to have fun while they work!

Phil Roker

Managing Director

James Marvin

Commercial Director

Nick Johnstone

Head | Sales

Tom Rule

Director | Operations

Chris Purser

Director | Operations

Steven Humphries

Executive Development Chef

Margaret Coyle

Manager | Human Resources

Malcolm Hill

Manager | Premier Crew

Rebecca Cupitt

Manager | Operations

Laurent Lepelletier

Director | Operations

Simone Santeramo

Manager | Operations

Alicja Kalamarz

Business Partner/ People Team

Clare Clark

Sustainability Business Partner

Katherine Laden

Marketing Manager

Mariateresa Carlomagno

Head of Commercial Finance

Patrick Erni


Debbie Loxley

Director | Operations

Alex Rowe

Head of Food

Sam Walton

Executive/ Development Chef

Carly Hicks


Cathy Storr


Rosie Rayner - Law


Emma Shutler


Kirsty Sosa

Head of Sparkle

Alice Barrett

Head of Entrée

Agnes Szelest

Deputy Head of Entrée