Celebrating Coffee Excellence at the Barista of the Year Competition 2023

Last week marked an exhilarating culmination of talent, passion, and expertise in the much-awaited 'Barista of the Year' competition with competitors coming from across the CH&Co family. Baristas vied for the coveted titles in several categories including the penultimate “Barista of the Year”.


Eve Hebblewhite represented Team Vacherin in the main event, while Kirsty Chau and Iana Berghici took the stage in the 'Brilliant Basics' category. Each participant displayed extraordinary skill and passion, concocting specialized drinks and displaying their technical finesse and coffee knowledge.


The competition was nothing short of fierce, highlighting the depth of talent across our organization. Each participant gave their all, and as the rounds progressed and anticipation mounted, our panel of judges found themselves in a challenging deliberation.


It is with immense pleasure that we can announce that Iana Berghici was announced as the well-deserved victor of the 'Brilliant Basics' crown for 2023!


This victory stands as a testament not only to Iana's exceptional skills but also to the dedication and talent of all participants. Their love for coffee and commitment to their craft shone brightly throughout the competition, inspiring everyone present.