Celebrating Excellence: Vacherin Hot Shots 2023 Unveiled

Last Thursday marked a significant milestone for our company as we gathered for the annual company review and the prestigious internal awards ceremony – The Vacherin Hot Shots 2023. This event stood as a remarkable tribute to the pivotal individuals within our organization, showcasing their unwavering commitment in delivering exceptional service to our valued clients and customers every single day.


Amidst the celebrations, we commemorated several key achievements from the past year. From commemorating our 20th anniversary to successfully fundraising over £20,000 for our charity partners, the Luminary Bakery, through the Vacherin 20km initiative, continuing to grow the business, and holding the highly spectacular Taste of Vacherin event – none of which would have been achievable without our fantastic Vacherin team members.


With so many key members of the business in the same room we also reviewed strategy for 2024 with some incredibly exciting partnerships and developments planned for the new year. Watch this space!


The pinnacle of the evening was the celebration of long service awards, honouring the commitment of our dedicated team members. Ten individuals marked a decade with Vacherin, eleven celebrated a remarkable 15-year journey, and three outstanding individuals reached the exceptional milestone of two decades with our organization!


Our thanks goes out to the Royal College of Pathologists for graciously hosting this year's event. Their warm hospitality coupled with the support of Karnival vendors made sure it was a night to remember.


Congratulations to everyone who was shortlisted this year and a resounding applause to our triumphant winners. Your tireless dedication and hard work have not gone unnoticed.


The Vacherin Hot Shots 2023 award winners:


Deliciously Different - Eric Horniman

Endeavour Champion - Valentine Cocchi

Reception Champion - Vaida Supranaviciute

Hospitality Champion - Marton Piukovics

Manager Award - Glenn Wilson

Chef Champion - Grazvydas Sinica

Kitchen Hero - Giovanni Callara

Support Champion - Richard Roberts

CSR Champion - David Ratcliffe

Marketing Award - Sharon Kelly and Team

Sparkle Award - Kirsty Woodman and Team

Team of the Year - Sarah Thomson and Team

Employee of the Year - Abdeslam El Amrani


Congratulations to everyone who was shortlisted this year and to our triumphant winners, your dedication and hard work is truly appreciated!