Ridgeview Vineyard Visit

We’re constantly seeking ways to inspire our teams and connect them with suppliers that share our passion for craft and quality.

Operations Director Tom Rule recently took his team to visit the Ridgeview vineyard in Ditchling, Surrey, hosted by ‌Ellis’s Wine.

Nestled in the picturesque South Downs National Park, the Ridgeview Estate provided a picturesque setting for a day of exploration and learning. The tour was Led by Simon Roberts, a second-generation winemaker whose family has been steeped in the art of viticulture and integral to Ridgeview’s success since its inception in 1995.

Simon offered the team invaluable insight into Ridgeview's renowned growing and winemaking techniques, with particular focus on their expertise in crafting classic method sparkling wines. From grape selection to fermentation, ageing, blending, and bottling, the team gained a comprehensive understanding of the craftsmanship behind Ridgeview's award-winning products.

Along with their dedication to quality, Ridgeview's commitment to sustainability and ethical practices left a lasting impression on our team. As a certified B Corporation and founding member of Sustainable Wines GB, passion for their craft extends far beyond what ends up in a bottle.

The day concluded with a sumptuous lunch and a tasting of six of Ridgeview's finest wines, each accompanied by fascinating stories of its production.

The team returned grateful, inspired and eager to share their new found knowledge with colleagues and customers.

Thanks to Ridgeview and Ellis for their exceptional hospitality