creating wonder, and delivering trust with each plate and every mouthful


removing the barriers

We have delighted in doing things differently since we opened our first contract in 2003, and revel in continuing to break new ground. We encourage creativity and by doing so we attract staff who want to be the best and work for the best.

Our clients come first, and we focus on food, people and fun to create very special service offers. We bring a different flavour and a personal touch.

Our senior team, led by Phil, has been structured to have the agility and flexibility to nurture true innovation


how we roll

the trophy cabinet

adding the cream

Following the crowd isn’t our idea of innovation. We created the “Sparkle” concept to tap into our people’s great ideas.

We can guarantee we are the only caterer with the role of Head of Sparkle! Kirsty Sosa is charged with keeping Sparkle front and centre in our operations and ensuring we stay on the front foot with innovations & trends.

There is one thing we ask every employee to do more than anything else: listen. It’s a simple action, but one that gets surprisingly effective results.

No two clients are ever the same, which is why we don’t have one service solution. By really listening, we respond to what our clients really want from an experience or service. We are then able to design an offer that is as personal and particular to them as their own smile.

Every chef should have an intelligent understanding of the ingredients that go into their dishes, how to combine them, as well as how to present and serve the food so that it sets mouths watering.

Our chefs and their teams are some of the best, but they are always striving to be better. Our annual ‘Hot Nosh’ contest puts our chefs into competition against each other, pushing the boundaries of dish design. The competition has led some to win awards at the national level, with their incredible creations coming back into the Vacherin kitchens, for the enjoyment of our clients and customers.

Vacherin people are sincerely and seriously in love with food, but our business wasn’t built on the love of food alone. We also believe in doing the right thing and our staff instinctively choose sustainable practices throughout their working day. They genuinely care and it is down to Vacherin people that we continue to be recognised as a sustainability leader in the wider industry.

In 2019 we were again awarded 3 star rating by the SRA, we won the Waste to Zero award for our industry-leading initiatives to minimise food waste and the Foodservice Catey 'Extra Mile Award' for our significant fundraising activities in aid of the fantastic Luminary Bakery. Not to mention winning the FSM Award for CSR.

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