Beyond Covid-19: The future of workplace catering

Vacherin has published a paper setting out our predictions for the future workplace and our proposals for a more fluid and flexible approach to catering, to support our clients as they re-evaluate their workplace strategies.

The document entitled ‘Beyond Covid-19, The Shape of Future Workplace Catering’ focuses on the office being the centre of Culture, Collaboration, Clients, Creativity, Coaching and Connection, with the current pandemic accelerating the shift towards the workplace becoming a destination with spaces that centre on meaningful employee experiences.

Within the paper, we have identified the key drivers behind an organisation’s requirement for change, together with the hierarchy of an employee’s needs. This has driven our vision for the future of food, drink, reception and ancillary services in a corporate environment that embrace the principles of flexibility, a rethink of the physical environment, social interaction, wellbeing and convenience. We have also offered an insight into the taste of things to come for hospitality, and how a quality service can be delivered under the same principals.

Phil Roker, Vacherin’s Managing Director said “With our clients gradually reopening their workplaces and our Covid-safe menus and practices in place, now is the time to start thinking longer-term. Whilst the pandemic has had a devastating impact on the hospitality industry and its employees, it is a catalyst for change and for realising the plethora of exciting opportunities and a new approach to the world of work. My team and I have long been considering how our sector needs to adapt to meet the needs of an increasingly flexible workforce and to support our clients in maximising the potential from their prime London real estate. The common consensus is that going forward, “work is not somewhere you go, but something you do”, and we identified the “6 Cs” above as being the cornerstones to why office working still has a place. We’re talking to our clients individually about which ideas will work for them as they consider the practical and cultural shifts brought about by recent events.”

Our paper sets out a raft of schemes including building-wide catering delivery for activity based working, call order and table service, flexible dual-purpose catering areas with work-free zones, experiential events and team gatherings. The document also offers ideas for employee convenience including mini markets, a concierge ‘one stop shop’ service and ‘Vacherin at Home’, a service to enhance an employees’ work life balance.

If you would like a copy of the paper please email Zoë Watts, Commercial Director