September Marketing Workshop


Our chefs, led by Shane Cooke |Senior Executive Chef, designed an incredible looking (and tasting!) food offering for the upcoming seasons! Steve Dunn presented his spooktastic table full of cakes, cookies and apples garnished with cake eyeballs, chocolate spiders and jelly worms! We were equal parts spooked and fascinated.

Glenn Birnie, Head Chef, introduced us to an offering close to his heart, Project Puri, luxury Indian food presented with a modern twist. Project Puri blends customer interest in food experiences and fast but healthy food to create tastes inspired by the ports of Kerala and the streets of Gujarat. Colourful and flavourful food and drink such as garam masala roasted sweet potato, king prawn methi masala, pershwari yoghurt chicken made this table an irresistible mouth-watering experience and an offering we could not resist sampling when look at a Christmas winter wonderland that heaved under the weight of a 20kg glazed turkey pie, mulled wines and ciders, beautiful marmalade glazed brioche loaves, multi-layered crepe cakes and delicious nutty pies! It was a feast for senses and almost too pretty to eat... almost.

Vacherin Marketing Workshop 


 Vacherin Marketing Workshop



We were joined in our supplier and marketing room by Goodfellows, who presented the crockery on offer to sites and all the tableware held exclusively for Vacherin.

We then moved on to Forman and Son, the world’s oldest purveyor of smoked Scottish Salmon! Forman and Son walked us through their history and process and treated us to a performance by the world record holder for the fastest deboning and slicing of a whole salmon. We were in awe!

Lastly Wearertech educated us on the importance of good footwear for people who are on their feet all day!

Phil Roker|MD said of the day “The impact in the food room, with Glenn’s fabulous project Puri, Steve’s stunning cakes, and Shane & Paul’s amazing banqueting table groaning under the weight of that pie was fabulous – visually stunning, and all really well presented” we couldn’t agree more!

Marketing Workshops are always such a great way to inspire and spark new ideas for sites. Every quarter we are proud to see our sites implement and build upon the ideas they see at the workshops, often going bigger and better in terms of marketing, making their site café’s and hospitality offering even more engaging.  We are already looking forward to the next workshop in November!


Vacherin Marketing Workshop

 Vacherin Marketing Workshop