Spotlight on Vacherin head chef Sean and his baking venture ‘Sean’s Loaf’

Sean’s been baking sourdough for years; perfecting his starter and his recipes long before the sourdough craze truly kicked off. Before lockdown, Sean and his wife Megan, a pastry chef, decided to take the plunge and take their shared passion for baking to the next level - they set up a micro bakery at their home in Cricklewood. Sean invested in a new oven so that he could bake 12 loaves at a time and following the launch of his website he was up and running (or rather cycling as all deliveries are made in person by Sean, on his bike!)

The timing was perfect; Sean and Meghan’s sourdough, croissants and pastries were in high demand in North West London during lockdown and Sean was soon baking 120 loaves per week. Sean reinvested the earnings back into the business and now owns a machine for rolling out the croissant dough plus an electric bike to save his energy for kneading rather than pedalling. Word of the Chambers’ delicious products spread – a local wine bar is now taking the sourdough and Sean is looking to increase his wholesale orders.

Sean’s now back at work in the city following the reopening of the Vacherin contract that he oversees – and he’s busy with the demands of staff dining and hospitality as his customers return to the office – but Sean’s Loaf, having gained such momentum over the past few months, is still going strong on weekends. So if you live in or near Cricklewood, look out for Sean on his electric bike with a basket full of bread, or better still, try Sean’s Loaf for yourself and support this fantastic family venture.