At Vacherin, we believe that part of building a sustainable business is recognising our role in the wider community. Rather than simply making occasional donations, we are keen to invest in the core purpose of a charity that shares our values to achieve sustained positive impact.

We have chosen to formalise our support by establishing a charity partnership with Luminary Bakery. This social enterprise is based in East London and offers opportunities for disadvantaged women to gain skills, confidence and secure employment. This is done through providing training in baking and enterprise in a supportive community environment. Their aim is to empower women who have experienced poverty, homelessness, violence or criminal activity.

Our partnership commits Vacherin to give time, skills and expertise as well as financial support through volunteering, work placements and donations. This includes chef workshops to transfer knowledge, bringing graduates into our kitchens to build their confidence and provision of equipment for the Luminary Bakery café.

We integrate our fundraising activities with Luminary Bakery to raise their profile and allow our employees to engage with the charity team on a personal level. This cements the relationship between all staff members on both sides.

In 2018 we aim to raise £15,000 through Le Tour de Vacherin for Luminary Bakery to pay for a new training kitchen. These women have come to the programme with a background of individual disadvantages but that does not need to be true for their training. Vacherin will be supporting a new fit-out to provide a proficient setting to help graduates be as equipped as possible for their next steps to a professional kitchen.

We aim to make a real difference to a small charity right on our doorstep and look forward to continuing to support these incredible women.