Vacherin's Tom Rule is the FSM Awards Area Manager of the Year 2018!

Tom Rule joined Vacherin in October 2012 as Manager I Operations. Now as Director| Operations, Tom oversees 9 major contract sites including our latest account win in Victoria.

Tom’s attitude to looking after his clients combines an acute attention to detail with a positive and proactive outlook. Tom forms strong and enduring bonds with his clients right from the earliest stages of the relationship, allowing them the comfort of knowing that under Tom’s leadership, the job is always in hand. His likeable, approachable attitude forms the base of Tom’s connections with colleagues and clients alike, earning him a reputation framed by trust and confidence that he will deliver. Known for his tenacity and drive, if there is a task or a problem to be solved, Tom will find the solution and execute it with precision.

Under Tom’s management, we have recently celebrated 15-year partnerships with two of our clients and ten-year milestones with a further two. This is a testament to Tom’s ability to delivery outstanding service across multiple sites. That Tom is able to report zero closures or contract losses during his appointment as operations director at Vacherin, is even more commendable, particularly in modern times.

Under Tom’s direction, Vacherin has recently added reception services to another existing contract, as a result of the trusted and long-standing catering offering.

Tom is highly respected throughout Vacherin for going above and beyond his duties. Tom researched and created the plan for the September 2018 ‘Tour de Vacherin’ bike ride from Hatton Garden to Vacherin in Switzerland, marking the business’s 15th anniversary. Tom coordinated this initiative, including the logistics, mapping the route, travel and accommodation details, overall budget, safety considerations and apparel, cycle team outfits and liaising directly with the support crew who will be supporting the riders throughout the journey. And he completed the 700 mile bike ride with eight Vacherin colleagues, raising over £20,000 for our charity partner, Luminary Bakery.

Over the past 18 months spent at Vacherin, Tom has taken on a great deal of responsibility and has truly excelled at it. He has grown to become recognised as Vacherin’s most senior and trusted operator and he continues to build on his outstanding reputations. As a true all-rounder, Tom is exceptionally adept at understanding and driving the key commercial aspects of his accounts. He is committed to developing his team to achieve their full potential and he develops strong relationships with his clients by his proactive, front-foot philosophy that earns him the admiration of the team. In addition to all of this, it is easy to see that Tom is passionate about his job, and he successfully manages to keep work fun – for himself and those around him, he’s the driver of many of Vacherin’s social and sporting activities. Tom is genuine, trustworthy, driven and creative. It is no wonder he is so popular with the Vacherin team and clients alike. His sense of humour can lighten any situation and goes a long way to contribute to why his teams stay with him for a long time. He is always professional, supportive and an absolute pleasure to work with.     

Congratulations Tom!